The Films
are between 5 and 90 minutes long, always relevant, often investigative. They usually offer an enthralling and emotional take on the subject. For about 20 years, the work of the authors of Filme & Consorten has been shown on German TV, mostly on public television. Our films and documentations received several prizes and awards. The most rewarding experience for us, however, was that we keep acquiring background knowledge in a variety of subjects and thematic fields. Since 2012, the Consortium has provided a unique environment for our work to prosper and flourish.


The Consorten
is a new team of experienced journalists. We share the unwavering belief that film can make the world a better place. In close cooperation, one author and one producer work on a topic, which in design and  format has to convince the other Consorten before it is offered to publishers. With a strong network of contacts and affiliations in all fields of filmmaking we guarantee premium quality production in regard to content and in all technical aspects of our work.